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The CompBlue offering is still open.

CompBlue is a solid long-term investment, and here’s why:

Since 2004, CompBlue’s founders have owned a Payroll and Benefits Administration Company whose niche is the blue collar trades (construction and manufacturing). The scope of our business includes securing lower cost workers compensation insurance, in California and other high cost states.
Since 2008, numerous insurance carriers have exited this market, forcing companies to utilize very expensive carriers, such as State Fund, in order to obtain coverage. CompBlue will solve this problem by offering rates up to 10%-15% lower that State Fund.  By utilizing a time-tested model in the insurance field known as “the Power of Renewals,” CompBlue is able to reward our investors with very high returns year after year.

Opportunity to Market

According to the Department of Labor, in 2012, Workers’ Compensation was a $70 Billion annual industry, with blue collar companies accounting for 42% of the premiums.  By 2020, the Department of Labor estimates the overall market will rise to $100 Billion, nearly half of which will be premiums generated by our target market.


• Workers Compensation is an existing product requiring no market creation.
• The demand for the product is federally mandated in all 50 states.
• The product will not become obsolete nor be eclipsed by newer technologies.
• The success of the company does not depend upon speculation but the execution of business practices that are standard in the industry.
• The insurance business is cash intensive – ensuring a solid financial footing and high returns to our investors year after year for many years to come.
As you can see, CompBlue will be using the same tried and true profit strategies that make the insurance industry one of the most profitable in the world. In addition, the cash-intensive nature of insurance sales will ensure that CompBlue maintains a solid financial footing, thus producing high profits and high returns for our investors over the long term

The CompBlue offering is still open. Join With Us. Share the Profits.

Thank you for considering putting your hard earned money to work with CompBlue!
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